Randy Liebeck's investigative approach is to collect and evaluate all evidence impartially. He does not promote or preach any particular theory (there are many) or belief system. He attempts to maintain a skeptical scientific detachment, while recognizing that some things can not, as yet, be explained by current scientific models.


If a request or referral is received to investigate an alleged haunting or poltergeist case, the following procedures are followed:

INITIAL INTERVIEW:   Usually by phone, designed to elicit basic details and determine if the case warrants investigation (many otherwise valid cases do not lend themselves to investigation, due to the specific phenomena reported or infrequency of manifestations).


ON-SITE INTERVIEW:   If an investigation seems warranted and practical, in-depth interviews are scheduled with all witnesses at the scene of the events. These structured interviews will explore the experiences from scientific, psychological and medical points of reference. Interviews are detailed, and strictly confidential.


ENVIRONMENTAL SCANS:   The next step is to determine the base-line (normal) environmental energy levels (thermal, magnetic, electrical and ionizing radiation) at the location, as a reference point in case anomalous readings that may correlate with reported experiences are detected later.


HISTORICAL RESEARCH:   If appropriate to the case, inquiries are made as to the history of the target location, surrounding area, local legends & folklore, and experiences of previous occupants.


FIELD INVESTIGATION:   Randy, often assisted by a hand-selected team of trained investigators, will sometimes set up a high-tech surveillance ( a 'stakeout') of the target location. Follow-up or ongoing casework may be involved, if the case warrants. While not our primary approach, a psychic may be utilized as one of many investigative tools.


CONCLUSIONS:   All collected evidence is analyzed and evaluated. A written report is provided to the client, discussing the most likely (as well as alternative) explanations. Randy is not a 'ghostbuster' and does not claim to be able to remove a ghost or 'clear' a house, but he will work with the client to explore different ways to mitigate, manage or otherwise deal with continuing experiences. He may provide referrals to other professionals from different fields if he feels they can help out.

To discuss a case with Randy, contact him via email at

or leave a short voicemail message at 609-651-8524 with your contact details.