Television & Film


Working on a dramatized TV or theatrical production dealing with paranormal subject matter?  Randy Liebeck can provide technical advisor and script review services to insure the phenomena, experiencers, investigators, scientific protocols and jargon portrayed in the film are realistically and believably presented.

For "Reality Based" documentary and entertainment programs, Randy can provide behind-the-scenes background & research services, critical evaluations of claims of alleged paranormal phenomena, on-site full scale investigations of haunted houses and poltergeist situations, and on-camera expert commentary.

For the TV talk show market, Randy is available as a guest expert in paranormal phenomena .

Randy has provided services for Paramount Domestic Television, Triage Entertainment,  Paladin Productions, Cosgrove-Meurer Productions, Living TV, Fangoria TV, Greystone Productions, MSNBC, PBS, Russian National Television, French National Television, London Channel 4, Sally Jessy Raphael, and several cable production companies.




Randy is a popular guest on the radio talk show circuit, including such shows as the X-Zone, Edge of Reality, Into the Night, 21st Century Radio, the John Gambling Show, and many, many others.


Print Media

Randy has been interviewed and featured by numerous magazines and newspapers, including New Scientist, Globe, Sun, Weird New Jersey, and the Independent on Sunday, and has written feature articles and columns for several national and international magazines. He currently serves as the director of PARANORMAL IMAGE News Service, providing editorial content for a variety of media outlets.


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